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About Us

- Our Story -

The idea stemmed from a loved one, our great-aunt Adelia. We’ve noticed her daily struggle to put on clothes, and more specifically her bra.

Adelia had been suffering from arthritis and low vision. She would often require help to get dressed. In turn, when performing this daily routine, she had lost her autonomy and freedom. She had tried many adaptive bras but they all were hard to put on, lacked support, were often badly designed and were less than appealing.

One day, while witnessing this daily struggle, we promised Adelia that we would create a bra specifically adapted to her needs, while remembering the importance of functionality and elegance in the design. When we noticed this was a common problem that many women face daily, Adelia was created in her honor.

The Needs

Based on the needs of Adelia and on conversations with clients, clients' family members, and caregivers, we have retained 3 characteristics that our products absolutely need to meet:

    • Easy to put on
    • Comfortable
    • Supportive
    We make it our mission to design and offer products that meet all of these needs that are suitable for women suffering from arthritis and Parkinson. If you would like to provide feedback or ask us to consider other needs, please let us know: Contact Us

    Our Values

    Family - Adelia is a family ran business and was started to help a loved one. Family is above all the foundation of Adelia.

    Community - Because we stand stronger together and united, Adelia is involved in the community and gives back to the community. 

    Accessible - Because bras are highly personal and customizable products, you might have several questions for us. Call us or email us and we guarantee that a member of our team will respond within 24 hours. Make sure the look at the size section in our Product page to find out which size is right for your or Contact Us if you have any questions.

    Care - Because we care about each customer as if you were part of our own family, our products are designed for you or a loved one, we therefore value your feedback. Provide Feedback.

    Fairness - It is not because you have difficulties getting dressed up that your clothes and underwear should not be appealing. View Product page that have been designed to meet your needs and be appealing.

    Dedication - We have one mission in mind: facilitate the everyday life of women by offering adaptive and elegant clothing. Our goal is to make you benefit from it.

    Passion - We have a passion for fashion. Every detail about our products is carefully thought of.


    All our products are proudly designed in Canada.