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Which size of Adelia bra should I choose?

Our bras are designed to fit all types of body types and forms. Before purchasing one of our products, refer to our Fitting Guide to find out which size is most appropriate for you based on your current bra size. Keep in mind that we have a Return and Exchanges policy in case the size you purchased doesn't fit you and you would like to try another size.

If you need further assistance with the fitting of your Adelia bra, please contact one of our fitting specialists at 1-800-875-0258 or by email at


How do I take care of my bra it?

Care instructions are provided within the Product Description for each item. Our bras are easy to wash and can go in the drying machine. Fasten Velcro® before washing and wash in cold water. Do not iron and do not bleach.

You can also use an Adelia Laundry Mesh Bag to ensure your bra and other delicate clothes are protected during washing cycles. You can purchase a laundry mesh bag by following this link: Accessories.


What type of guarantee does Adelia provide?

Our products come with a 30-day exchange or money back guarantee, (shipping and handling charges are not included). If you would like to exchange or return your Adelia bra, please refer to our Returns and exchange page for complete instructions.